Gordon F. Brunner
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Brunner is a native of Des Plaines, Illinois, and graduated with a BS in Biochemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin in 1961.  He also holds an MBA from Xavier University.

He joined the Company's Food Division in 1961 as a Process Development Engineer.  He progressed through a series of assignments involving increased responsibility and broad R&D experience with food, laundry and cleaning products prior to a transfer to Europe in 1976.  During his 7 year assignment he became head of all European R&D operations and played a key role in the creation of a fully European R&D organization and European rather than local products.

During his career as a research he has been personally involved in many major product successes including Duncan Hines cake mixes, Bounce fabric softener, Tide Liquid, Tide with Bleach and Pantene shampoo and conditioner-in-one.

In 1983 he returned to the U.S. as Vice President, Research and Development for Soap, Beauty Care and Industrial Chemicals.  In 1987 he was appointed Senior Vice President for worldwide R&D, and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 1991.  During his tenure as head of Research and Development at Proctor and Gamble, he has led the creation of one of the best developed and most distributed global R&D organizations in the world, as well as a leading-edge internal new venture program which is now producing new global products like Swiffer, Dryel, and Febreze.  This has also been a period of enormous growth in P&G's life science programs in support of their growing healthcare business.  Procter and Gamble was awarded the U.S. Medal of Technology in 1995 for their product innovation accomplishments.

He is a leader in a number of university, philanthropic and professional organizations.  He is married and has 3 daughters engaged in a wide range of professional careers.  When he isn't working on how to improve the effectiveness of the 52nd largest industrial R&D organization on the planet, he actively woodworks, is an avid golfer, and tends to his original academic pursuit - the biochemistry of fermentation…in his wine collection.