FDP/Stanford/University of California System
Conference on Cost-Sharing
Wednesday, December 1, 1999
Nob Hill Masonic Center, 1111 California Street, San Francisco, CA

 Friday, November 12, 1999


Last Name:       _____________________First Name: _____________________
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Everyone:  Check all that apply:

ð  I am part of an FDP Member/Affiliate Member Institution
ð  I am not part of an FDP Member/Affiliate Institution
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ð   I am the Federal Agency's (one) official Administrative Representative (the voting member)
ð   I am the Federal Agency (one) official Program Representative (the voting member)

ð   I am the FDP University or Research Institution's (one) official Administrative Rep(the voting
ð   I am the FDP University orResearch Institution (one)  official Faculty Rep (voting member)

ð  I am part of my group's delegation - I am not an official, voting,  representative.
REGISTRATION FEE:  Transferable, But Non Refundable after Nov. 12, 1999
$95.00 - All participants (FDP Members and Non Members)
Please send your check to arrive by Friday, Nov. 12, 1999.  Sorry - no credit cards.  Please give your accounting office  Federal Tax I.D. No.  042103594, which is the I.D. number for the Massachusetts Institution of Technology.  Make check payable to FDP-MIT and send with registration form to:
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