Statement of

John H. Gibbons

Assistant to the President

for Science and Technology

FY 1996 Science and Technology Budget

Press Briefing


This morning, the President presented his FY 1996 budget -- a budget that gives Americans the kind of government they want, a government that supports the interests of middle-class Americans, a government that operates efficiently and that knows its limits.

There is no question that this is a very tough budget, and is based on a clear sense of priorities. The President's FY96 budget will terminate 130 programs, consolidate 271 others and cut back on many more, dramatically restructuring agencies to achieve total cuts of $144 billion. In addition to shrinking the deficit, these spending cuts will fund tax cuts to help middle class families save for retirement, pay for their children's education, and retrain themselves for jobs in the new American economy.

It is also a budget that reflects President Clinton's commitment to investing in science and technology, education, and other programs that will help us build a better America for our children and equip our workers for the economy of the future.

Science and technology are maintained as a priority investment in the Administration's FY96 budget submission, with total R&D funding increasing slightly despite cuts in overall discretionary spending.

These federal investments in S&T are a key element of a comprehensive strategy to prepare for the 21st century, a strategy that includes:

The Administration is delivering on that strategy.

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