These new S&T investment strategies are efficient and sensible; they have been implemented not with new money but by intelligent redirection of existing programs and policies. They are the keys to fulfilling the dreams of all Americans -- without mortgaging their economic futures.

Equally important, they will keep America on the path of world leadership in science and technology, and will ensure the Nation's security -- including its economic security -- in the decades to come.

What you see in this budget is a re-ordering of priorities to reflect a focus on the things that matter most to Americans today: A smaller, leaner government. A better bang for the buck on each federal dollar spent. The best possible business environment for private research, innovation, and investment. It is a budget that emphasizes the basics in science and technology.

In doing so, we keep intact the best things about the way government supports science and technology. This country has a tradition of support for basic and applied scientific research, a fundamental scientific inquisitiveness, that stretches back into the earliest days of our nation and has been the foundation of our nation's progress.

In summary, I would like to quote Peter Drucker, who said, "Long-range planning does not deal with future decisions, but with the future of present decisions." The Administration's FY96 budget for science and technology reflects a present decision to invest in the future, to make sure good jobs and a high quality of life are available to all.

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