Goals for a National Partnership in
Aeronautics Research and Technology

III. A New Aeronautics Partnership

Partnership has propelled powered flight, in little more than the span of a single lifetime, from its roots at Kitty Hawk, to today's global aviation system that connects cultures and economies. Aviation will remain at the forefront of global transportation, communications and commerce, as well as remain an indispensable tool of national security. A new partnership between government, industry, and universities will allow the U.S. to meet the many challenges it faces in aeronautics and to maintain its position as a global leader.

The Administration, in cooperation with industry and academia, has developed the common goals outlined in this document. This is an important first step, providing a framework for partnership. Through the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), the next step is to establish an integrated national strategy and a set of investment priorities that will enable us to meet these broad goals.

Over the course of the next year, the NSTC, in partnership with industry and academia, will perform a national assessment to guide the direction and character of the Federal investment in U.S. civil aviation technology for the future. The assessment will include development of top-level technical goals, roadmaps to achieve the goals, partnership mechanisms, and analyses of benefits, priorities, opportunity costs, roles and responsibilities, and interrelationships with other national initiatives.

This document, together with the detailed national assessment, will provide the blueprint for our public-private partnership for the future, as well as communicate with the American people and the Congress our proposed investment portfolio. The NSTC welcomes comments and participation in the planning process as we move to ensure the technology base and infrastructure for a vital aviation industry and transportation system.

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