Global Science and Technology Week
May 7-13, 2000

Proposed Events

I.  Special Events

· Dr. Lane's Participation at the Opening Ceremonies of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair - May 8, 2000:

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) brings together over 1,200 high-school students from 40 nations for a prestigious, international science competition, and will attract 2000 additional representatives from business, industry, the sciences and academia as well as several Nobel Laureates. Dr. Lane will deliver remarks on the international nature of science and the importance of international scientific collaboration.

· Dr. Rita Colwell's Announcement at G-8 Heads of Research Meeting - May 8, 2000:

During her remarks at the G-8 Heads of Research Meeting in Capri, Italy, Dr. Rita Colwell, Head of the national Science Foundation will announce that President Clinton has proclaimed May 7-13, 2000 as "Global Science and Technology Week.  She will emphasize that one of the purposes of the week is to highlight to Americans the benefits our nation receives through international scientific collaboration.

· NASA Student Involvement Program National Competition (NSIP) - May 8-9, 2000:

Through the NSIP, more than 3,600 students developed and submitted entries in five competition areas: 1) Earth Systems in My Neighborhood; 2) Design a Mission to Mars, 3) Watching Earth Change; 4) Aeronautics & Space Science Journalism; and 5) Flight Opportunities. Winners in grades 9-12 and their teacher-mentors will attend the NSIP Winners Week in Washington, D.C., to share their research with their peers, present their projects at the National Symposium, participate in an informal poster session, and attend an award dinner.  Lynn Cline, NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for External Relations, will give a keynote speech to the students emphasizing the international nature of science, the vital importance of international collaboration and the other messages of Global Science and Technology Week.

· University of Massachusetts at Boston Chancellor's Event - May 9, 2000:

The University Chancellor will hold a special event celebrating Global Science and Technology Week by convening students doing undergraduate research in the various laboratories of the faculty. Since UMass/Boston has a very international mix to the student body involved in science, they are able to visibly demonstrate how science knows no national borders both in research and education.

· Bill Nye, "The Science Guy" on Capital Hill - May 10, 2000:

The American Chemical Society is hosting an invitation only seminar for Congressional representatives where Bill Nye to address on the importance of science and math education in an increasingly globalized world.  This event, is part of the American Chemical Society Science and the Congress Project K-12 SMET Education Briefing Series to raise the awareness of Members of Congress and congressional staff  about K-12 SMET education. It is co-chaired by Rep. Ehlers (R-MI), Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ), Sen. Jim Jeffords (R-VT), and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT).  Rep. Ehler's and Rep Holt will be at the event and we are currently working with other congressional offices for their involvement as well.  The Bill Nye event will also be co-sponsored by:

· American Association for the Advancement of Science
· National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
· National Science Teachers Association
· American Society of Civil Engineers
· American Geological Union
· American Geological Institute
· International Technology Education Association
· Triangle Coalition for Science and Technology Education
· American Association of Physics Teachers
· Council of State Science Supervisors
· American Society of Engineering Education
· National Association of Biology Teachers

· Opinion Editorial by National Academy of Sciences - date and details TBD:

In honor of Global Science and Technology Week, the National Academy of Sciences has suggested that Bruce Alberts, NAS President, or Sherwood Rowland, NAS Foreign Secretary and Nobel Laureate, could issue an Opinion Editorial regarding the international nature of science and the benefits our nation receives through international scientific collaboration.  NAS representatives are currently considering whether to offer the Opinion Editorial as an exclusive to a major newspaper or provide it to the 300 newspapers that regularly receive NAS submissions.

· Education Leaders Reception at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History - May 10, 2000:

The American Forum for Global Education is hosting a reception at the Smithsonian Institutions National Museum of Natural History for 100 prominent educators, representatives of the education press, and corporate and foundation executives.  Dr. Lane will deliver remarks focusing upon the importance of pre-college science education in a global age.

· University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute's Virtual University Education Program (VIRTUE) - International Videoconference - May 10, 2000:

The University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute's Virtual University Education Program (VIRTUE) will sponsor a videoconference between students in the Baltimore area; Bergen, Norway; and Stockholm and Goteberg, Sweden.  During the videoconference, high school age students from the three nations will discuss their ongoing and future collaborative science projects undertaken within the VIRTUE program.  The students have been collecting data samples from the Chesapeake Bay, the Norwegian Fjords and the Baltic Sea and analyzing findings via the Internet and by videoconferences.

· Bill Nye "The Science Guy" featured in GLOBE Program Web-chat with K-12 Students - May 10, 2000:

On May 10, Bill Nye will be talking to students across the United States about how "Science is Global and Science is Fun."  The GLOBE program has monthly web-chats between K-12 students and a special guest, often a prominent scientist.  Featured guests in the past have included Secretary of State Madeline Albright in February 1997, NOAA Administrator Jim Baker in April 1997, and Director of the National Hurricane Center, Jerry Jarrell in May 1999.  Participation in the web-chat is available to any student from GLOBE's 8,000 schools in 85 countries.  During Global Science and Technology Week, they will feature a prominent international scientist to discuss the international nature of science and the importance of international scientific collaboration.

· International Science Seminar by World Bank's Thomas Lovejoy, hosted by Department of State - May 11, 2000:

One Thursday May 11, Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, of the Smithsonian Institution and
the World Bank, will present a seminar at the State Department entitled "Environmental Conservation and International cooperation," and
will be held from 12:30 to 1:30 in Conference Room 1107.  In conjunction
with Global Science and Technology Week, this seminar is a "special" session
of the ongoing State Science Seminar Series, which is organized by Dr. Peter
Zimmerman, Science Advisor in the Bureau of Arms Control.  It is likely that Under Secretary for Global Affairs Frank Loy will introduce Dr. Lovejoy.

· Ronald McNair Undergraduate Symposium - May 12, 2000:

The Ronald McNair Undergraduate Symposium of the University of Massachusetts at Boston was named in honor of the Challenger Astronaut to promote science and technology education for students of diverse cultural backgrounds. At the University of Massachusetts Annual Fellowship symposium, Global Science and Technology Week will be highlighted by a keynote speaker, Prof. John C. Warner.  Prof. Warner will highlight the international nature of science and benefits of international scientific collaboration.

· Secretary Albright's Release of Policy Statement During Global Science and Technology Week

The State Department has announced that it will honor the President's proclamation by releasing, during Global Science and Technology Week, Secretary Albright's policy statement that sets forth a framework for integrating the role of S&T throughout the Department of State.

II. Week-long Activities

· St. Louis Children's Aquarium Tours - May 7-13, 2000:

During the week of May 7-13, 2000, the St. Louis Children's Aquarium will be giving a total of over 150 tours from approximately 25 different schools from the St. Louis community.  The museum will have the proclamation posted and featured as a special "stop' in which all tour guides will discuss the president's proclamation of Global Science and Technology Week.  The tour guides will talk to the to the students about the messages the White House, and their President, hope to send to young people throughout the United States.  In addition, each teacher will be given a copy of the proclamation to post in his or her classroom.

· Smithsonian Institution's  "International Science" Website - will be ongoing:

When approached to develop activities for Global Science and Technology Week, the Smithsonian Institution offered to develop an "international science awareness website," to be launched after the President's scheduled proclamation.  At this website, students will be able to "meet" the Smithsonian scientists conducting research across the globe.  In addition to describing their research in language understandable to young students, the scientists will provide a personal statement about what inspired them to pursue science as a profession and how the international nature of science has influenced their careers.

· Science Museum of Virginia, Special International Scientist Kiosk - May 7-13, 2000:

1. The Science Museum of Virginia, in partnership with Henrico County Public Schools, will feature an interactive trek to Nepal as part of its celebration of Global Science and Technology Week.  The trek was undertaken by a Henrico teacher, Jim Lehman, who traveled to the base camp of Everest in April.  Jim sent dispatches to his students each day detailing his impressions of Nepal as well as environmental data he was collecting for student research projects.  On April 10, Jim "went live" in the IMAX dome before an audience of students, parents, and the general public.  As the audience watched, Jim answered students' questions and communicated via voice and video from Katmandu.  The file of transmissions is being made available to visitors in the SMV computing center for Global Science and Technology Week.

2. Two students from the Governor's School for International Studies and the Humanities will display and explain their work on the chaos theory.  Jackson Yee and Sam Swift will alternately show museum guests the evolving order of chaos.

3. Visiting school groups and project participants will receive copies of the President's Proclamation to inspire them to engage in further global science and technology efforts.

· Association of  Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) - May 7-13, 2000

Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) has provided materials regarding the President's scheduled proclamation to their full membership -- which includes over 400 science museums in 43 countries with a combined annual attendance of more than 90 million visitors in the United States alone.  They have encouraged all of their science centers to include messages and themes of Global Science and Technology Week into their programs and activities during May 7-13, 2000.

· Weeklong Series of Interactive On-line Chats with Women of NASA Working on International Science Projects

NASA is hosting a weeklong series of interactive on-line chats with "Women of NASA Working on International Science Projects" to Profile the diversity of NASA's female scientists and engineers.  NASA will invite students, parents and schools worldwide to join them in fostering an appreciation for international perspectives that will better prepare students to participate in the world's interdependent high-tech economy and the global scientific community.  Speakers will include Lynn Cline, Deputy of NASA's International Affairs office; Dr. Kathy Clark, Chief Scientist of International Space Station; Patti Moore, reporting from the International Space Station office in Moscow; and many more.

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