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CS Charter

of the


The Committee on Science (CS) is hereby established by action of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). The
NSTC, a Cabinet-level council, is the principal means for the President to coordinate science, space, and technology policies across the Federal Government.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the CS is to advise and assist the NSTC, with emphasis on those federally supported efforts that develop new
knowledge in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering, whatever its application. The CS will address significant national policy matters that cut across agency boundaries and shall provide a formal mechanism for interagency science policy development, coordination, and information exchange.


The CS serves as part of the internal deliberative process of the NSTC. Reporting to and directed by the Chairman of NSTC, the CS will:

     facilitate planning, coordination, and communication among Federal agencies engaged in scientific, mathematical, or
     engineering research or its application to education, health, agriculture, transportation, energy, and environmental
     management;  identify and recommend options for Federal R&D budget crosscuts and priorities; and facilitate
     NSTC clearance of documents generated by interagency groups that are established under its aegis.

The CS Co-Chairs, consistent with the Committee's endorsement, will recommend action on major R&D issues to the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology for approval.


The following departments and agencies are represented on the CS at the Assistant Secretary level or above:

In addition, the following organizations in the Executive Office of the President shall also be represented on the CS:

Private Sector Interface

The CS may seek advice from members of the President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology and will
recommend to the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology the nature of additional private sector advice needed to accomplish its mission. The CS may also interact with and receive ad hoc advice from various private sector groups as consistent with the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

Termination Date

Unless renewed by the Chairman of NSTC prior to its expiration, the Committee on Science shall terminate no later than
December 31, 2000.


I hereby determine that the formation of the Committee on Science is in the public interest in connection with the performance of duties imposed on the Executive Branch by law, and that such duties can best be performed through the advice and counsel of
such a group.

(Approved by John H. Gibbons 3/16/98)

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