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Dr. Rosina Bierbaum
Director for Environment

Environment Division
The Environment Division provides national leadership to ensure a sound scientific and technical foundation for environmental policies and programs and coordinates Federal research and development strategies for environment and natural resource policies.  Dr. Rosina Bierbaum, Associate Director for
 Environment and the staff of the Environment Division support the Director in policy and technical areas that include:

Global climate change research, including climate observations and modeling, regional and national assessment of climate change impacts, and ozone depletion; technology for renewable energy and energy efficiency; ecosystem research, conservation and research regarding biodiversity and invasive and
 endangered species; oceans and coastal research, including hypoxia and harmful algal blooms and recovery of salmon resources; and natural disaster reduction.   We also support the development of integrated environmental monitoring and the development of methods and measures to determine the status and  trends of the Nation's ecosystems.

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