April 17, 1997

Dear Colleague:

I am pleased to introduce the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) report, Investing in Our Future: A National Research Initiative for America's Children for the 21st Century. Produced by a multi-agency working group under the direction of the NSTC Committees on Fundamental Science, and Health, Safety, and Food, this report assesses the current scope of Federal research on child and adolescent development, identifies significant needed research, and makes recommendations for efforts not only in research, but also in linking research and policy development.

By increasing the attention of our Nation's creative and thoughtful research scientists on the needs of children, we can enhance the likelihood that when today's children become the adults of the 21st century, they will be the healthiest, safest, best educated, most productive and creative generation this Nation and the world have ever seen.

The subcommittee's co-chairs, Drs. Duane Alexander of the National Institutes of Health, and Lynn Goldman of the Environmental Protection Agency, and other members of the multi- agency group are to be commended for their efforts on this report.


John H. Gibbons
Assistant to the President
for Science and Technology