The President's Educational Technology Initiative

"In our schools, every classroom in America must be connected to the information superhighway, with computers and good software, and well-trained teachers. We are working with the telecommunications industry, educators and parents to connect 20 percent of California's classrooms this spring, and every classroom and every library in the entire United States by the year 2000. I ask Congress to support this educational technology initiative so that we can make sure this national partnership succeeds." -- President Clinton, from his State of the Union Address

"By the year 2000, 60 percent of the new jobs in America will require advanced technological skills." -- Vice President Al Gore

That is why President Clinton and Vice President Gore have called on parents, teachers, members of the business community and others to join in a new national mission.

They have set a new challenge for America...

They are calling for every young person to enter the workforce technologically literate in the 21st Century. For this, we need schools equipped with the right technology.

The four pillars of our challenge are quite simple:

  1. Modern computers and learning devices will be accessible to every student.
  2. Classrooms will be connected to one another and to the outside world.
  3. Educational software will be an integral part of the curriculum -- and as engaging as the best video game.
  4. Teachers will be ready to use and teach with technology.

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