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Thank you in advance for all of your suggestions. OMB is developing a long-term strategy, for the further development of the MAX system and your feedback to the following questions will be valuable to us.

1.    What improvements in the MAX Software would you like to see? (Suggestions for changes, expansion, and deletions).

2.    What was your experience in logging-on/downloading /uploading your account? Please characterize your experience on a scale of 1 -5. (1 being very good and 5 being terrible)

Describe problems:

3.    What other types of information would you like to see on the MAX A-11 Home Page?

4.  What other types of training classes would you like?

5.    Please rate the technical help that you received from OMB staff (e.g., help with installation, configuration, downloading and uploading accounts, general use of the MAX software, and balancing your accounts). (1 being very helpful and 5 being not helpful)


6.    To what extent were OMB staff helpful in resolving conceptual problems with the budget data?  (1 being very helpful and 5 being not helpful)


7.    How useful was OMB Circular No A-11 (conceptually or technically) in answering your questions?  (1 being very helpful and 5 being not helpful)


8.    Did you find that the data supplied by Treasury and the data supplied by your accounting systems was complete? (1 being complete and 5 being lacking)


9. Connection Information

A.    How did you connect with the OMB host?

B.    If you were not able to use the Internet this past year, do you expect to use the Internet for the next budget season?  NOTE: Users will need to have Telnet access to the Internet next year.

Yes   No 

C.    If you were unable to use the Internet this year, why?

Other (please explain):

10.    What version of Windows do you plan to use next Budget Season? (For the FY 2000 Budget, the requirement is Windows 95 or better. OMB will not support use of the MAX system with Windows 3.1x or Windows For Workgroups 3.x.)

11.    What type of Internet browser do you use?

Netscape version

Microsoft Internet Explorer version

Other, Please specify:


12.    Other suggestions:

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