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Thank you in advance for all of your suggestions. OMB is developing a long-term strategy, for the further development of the MAX system and your feedback to the following questions will be valuable to us.

1.    What improvements in the MAX Software would you like to see? (Suggestions for changes, expansion, and deletions).

2. This year you could download the MAX A-11 Data Entry software from the MAX Home Page. Also, this web site contains general information on the status of the MAX system, hours of operation, who to call for help, schedules (training and budget production schedules) and MAX documents.

Did you have any problems downloading the MAX A-11 Data Entry software?

3. What other types of information would you like to see on the MAX A-11 Home Page?

4a. This year we added on-line help to the MAX A-11 Software. Did you use the on-line help?

Yes    No

4b. If you used the on-line help, did you find it useful?

Yes    No

5. If you were unable to use the Internet this year, why?

6. What type of Internet browser do you use?

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7. Other suggestions

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