Survey of MAX Agency Users

Question 1 -- What improvements to the MAX software would you like to see?

MAX system improvements

-- An electronic help feature

-- Ability to enter print materials (e.g., galleys) using the MAX system

-- Ability to split the screen to view of different schedules or error messages and schedules

-- Add footnotes to the schedule lines that automatically load to other schedules

-- Incorporate "text table"

-- Ability to export/import exercise 40A&B to Lotus spreadsheets

-- Automate the credit supplements

-- Ability to print landscape on legal size paper

-- Collect data to the tenth of millions

-- Show rounding differences that may be errors not due to rounding

-- After downloading/uploading, display a message asking "Do you want to disconnect?"

Error Messages

-- When checking to see if an account is in balance include checking TSC data

-- Ability for the MAX system to go to the error field indicated in the Error Message

-- Error messages should state whether field is entered, formula, or protected

-- Grouping error messages by type

-- Error messages in simple language

Circular A-11

-- Clarify the user fee data coding definitions

-- More information on MAX A-11 Treasury data

-- More information on outlay plans

-- Eliminate character classifications

-- More information about the characteristics of the receipt accounts such as type, mandatory/discretionary and merged

-- More information on trust funds

-- Display exhibits at the end of A-11

-- Include A-34, Exhibit 43E (p.121) in A-11

MAX Reports

-- Access to reports provided to OMB Program Examiners

-- BEA Policy Report for all years

-- Appropriation Discrepancy List (print only the errors)

-- A report that compares MAX A-11 with OMB's scorekeeping table

Question 2 -- What features would you like developed in the MAX A-11 system?

Answer One Two Three Four Five
On-line help 119 32 8 5 7
An additional interface 56 62 30 8 16
Import/Export multiple accounts 22 25 47 42 19
Save account as E-mail and Import E-mail accounts 6 19 34 61 33

Question 3 -- What was your experience in logging-on/downloading /uploading your account?

Answer Qty Percent
1 -- Very Good 84 44%
2 58 30%
3 29 15%
4 9 5%
5 -- Terrible 12 6%

Question 4A -- Did you find the MAX A-11 Home Page useful?

Answer Qty Percent
Useful 86 71%
Not useful 35 29%

Question 4B-- What other types of information would you like to see on the MAX A-11 Home Page?

New items for MAX Home Page

-- MAX software

-- Q&A on MAX and tip on MAX

-- OA65 and OA63

-- Latest MAX version name and date in service

-- List of proposed MAX report changes

-- Name of office responsible for accounts

-- Training instructions materials

-- Tips & tricks for balancing accounts

-- Patch file

Links to OMB home page

-- Circular A-11

-- All edit checks with explanation

-- Lookup table for Agency and Bureau codes

-- List of A-11 changes proposed for 1998 revisions

-- More up-to-date information on budget schedule (passback, appeals)

-- Activities of MAX BOAC group

-- A glossary of terms, definitions, and information on sources of Treasury data presented in MAX A-11

Question 4C -- Would you like to be able to download and install the MAX A-11 software from the MAX Home Page?

Answer Qty Percent
Yes 142 86%
No 24 14%

Question 5A-- Which class or classes did you take and did you find these training classes useful?

OMB Circular A-11 Review Class
Answer Qty Percent
Useful 66 96%
Not useful 3 4%

Balancing an Account

Answer Qty Percent
Useful 34 94%
Not useful 2 6%

Advance MAX

Answer Qty Percent
Useful 68 98%
Not useful 1 2%

Question 5 -- What other types of training classes would you like?

-- More training classes

-- Credit classes

-- Classes on how to developed outlay rate percentages over 3 or 5-year period

Question 6 -- How well did your training prepare you for using MAX?

Answer Qty Percent
Well prepared 65 64%
Prepared 31 30%
Poorly prepared 6 6%

Question 7 -- Did you find these reports useful?

Answer Qty Percent
Useful 72 77%
Not useful 21 23%

Question 8 -- Please rate the technical help that you received from OMB staff.

Answer Qty Percent
Very Helpful 150 86%
Helpful 16 9%
Not Helpful 8 5%

Question 9 -- To what extent were OMB staff helpful in resolving conceptual problems with the budget data?

Answer Qty Percent
Very Helpful 130 84%
Helpful 7 5%
Not Helpful 16 11%

Question 10-- How useful was OMB Circular No A-11 (conceptually or technically) in answering your questions?

Answer Qty Percent
Very Helpful 103 61%
Helpful 42 25%
Not Helpful 24 14%

Question 11-- Did you find that the data supplied by Treasury and the data supplied by your accounting systems was complete?

Answer Qty Percent
Complete 88 56%
Somewhat complete 37 24%
Lacking 31 20%

Question 12A -- How did you connect with the OMB host?

Answer Qty Percent
Internet 128 67%
Windows 95 Dialer 26 14%
Windows NT Dialer (RAS) 5 3%
Chameleon Dialer 33 17%

Question 12B --If you were not able to use the Internet this past year, do you expect to use the Internet for the next budget season.

Answer Qty
Yes 27
No 23

ion 12C -- If you were unable to use the Internet this year, why?

Answer Qty
No telnet ability 3
Firewall restrictions 6
Noncompliant winsock 1

Question 13 -- What version of Windows do you plan to use next Budget Season?

Answer Qty Percent
Windows 95 132 73%
Windows 98 6 3%
Windows NT 3.5.1 7 4%
Windows NT 4.0 36 20%

Question 14 -- What type of Internet browser do you use?

Answer Qty Percent
Netscape 113 62%
Microsoft Internet Explorer 67 37%
None 3 1%

Question 15 -- Other suggestions

-- Notification of system problems via E-mail

-- Late changes to the MAX system such as "Fund for America" changes should be handled by OMB

-- Start an on-line user's group so users can/discuss and problems, resolutions, and exchange information

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