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First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton
"By giving our own gifts to the future, we can make sure that when the new millennium finally comes, we won't just be celebrating a new year; we will be celebrating the enduring strength of our democracy, the renewal of our sense of citizenship, and the full flowering of the American mind and spirit."

-- First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton

One of the best ways we can imagine the future in a new millennium is to preserve what we value from our past. However, our important historic sites, documents, monuments, and art are deteriorating. As America changes, we must carry forward the treasures that embody our nation's heritage to inspire future generations.

President Clinton proposed a Millennium Fund to "Save America's Treasures" in his fiscal 1999 budget and congress appropriated $30 million for this program. The fund in administered by the National Park Service and is allocated for the most urgent preservation projects of national significance.

"Save America's Treasures" stimulates new private efforts to preserve our national heritage and history. Historic preservation in America always has been a public-private partnership. The National Trust for Historic Preservation provides leadership by inviting individuals, foundations and corporations to participate in this great initiative through participation on the Millennium Committee to Save America's Treasures. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton serves as Honorary Chair of the Committee; Richard Moe, president of the National Trust, and Susan Eisenhower are co-chairs. To date, the Committee has raised over $31 million from the private sector for preservation projects.

Inevitably, the new millennium will arrive regardless of what anyone may do. Save America's Treasures will succeed because of what each one of us will do. We can make the countdown count, as we work together as Americans to preserve our heritage and teach our history and values to the next generations.

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