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image The First Lady concluded her tour in Waterloo, New York, where she visited the M'Clintock House, the house where the Declaration of Sentiments was drafted and finalized, and the Wesleyan Methodist Church.

Historical Significance: The M'Clintock House is where the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments were finalized, three days before the Womens Rights Convention in 1848, marking an important first step toward legal, political, and educational rights for women in America. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a primary figure in the womens movement and the events of 1848 at Seneca Falls. The Wesleyan Chapel housed the first Womens Rights Convention 150 years ago.

Preservation needs: The extant exterior of the M'Clintock House has been renovated, but the interior is in shambles with no functioning utility systems. Plans and specifications are nearly completed to restore the interior, reconstruct the missing kitchen wing and rehabilitate the grounds. The house is currently not open to the public.

  • The Stanton House is open to the public and the extant portion is fully restored. However, two missing wings have yet to be reconstructed.
  • Wesleyan Chapel has been restored as much as remains of it which are the two side walls and roof. The chapel will need more protection in the future.
  • Visitor facilities are inadequate, and in addition, represent modern intrusions on the cultural landscape. There is a proposal to construct a new Visitors Center at a nearby site along the Cayuga-Seneca Canal. Visitors would board a canal boat in downtown Seneca Falls and ride the approximately mile through the Historic District to the site.

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