Speeches by the First Lady

As First Lady, I have had the privilege of traveling to many different places both within the United States and around the world. Everywhere I have visited, I have attempted to draw attention to programs that are working, programs that are giving people the tools of opportunity that they need in order to thrive in today's complex world.

I hope that the pictures we have placed on this page will give you a flavor of the many and diverse places I have had the opportunity to visit. Please come back frequently, as we hope to add more pictures often.

The First Lady's Trip to the Middle East

From November 10th through November 13th, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton made an official visit to Israel and Jordan. In Israel, the First Lady addressed the "From Violence to Tolerance" conference sponsored by Tel Aviv University and the non-governmental organization (NGO), Elem. She also delivered the 1999 Rabin Lecture at the invitation of the Yitzhak Rabin Center, and visited facilities that are on the cutting edge of addressing women's and children's health concerns. In addition, Mrs. Clinton visited the Western Wall and Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum and memorial, with Mrs. Nava Barak. In Jordan, the First Lady addressed a conference on microcredit and small business development, helped Queen Rania launch an early learning initiative, and announced a USAID grant for cultural preservation.

The First Lady's Trips to Macedonia/Kosovo Refugee Camp

In both May and June, Mrs. Clinton traveled to Macedonia to meet with Kosovar refugees, local and international non-governmental organizations and international and local officials, to express appreciation for their strong support of NATO's goals in Kosovo. The First Lady also conveyed America's strong commitment to help provide humanitarian aid for the Kosovar refugees.

The First Lady's Trip to the Southwest

On May 19th the First Lady embarked on a Southwest tour as part of an ongoing effort to "Honor the Past and Imagine the Future," by bringing attention to our national treasures and ensuring their survival into the third millennium. Mrs. Clinton kicked off the tour at the White House by announcing new federal grants to the "Save America's Treasures" program. Save America's Treasures is a public-private partnership between the White House Millennium Council and the National Trust for Historic Preservation dedicated to the celebration and preservation of our nation's historic and cultural legacies. During each stop on the tour, Mrs. Clinton highlighted treasures-- including artifacts, buildings, monuments, parks and trails-- that reflect our nation's heritage, and are in need of preservation and restoration.



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