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Strengthening America's Public Schools

The availability of quality public education is key to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to succeed. In the new economy where earning potential depends on educational achievement, ensuring our children are meeting world-class standards is critical to their future and the future of the nation.

As First Lady, Mrs. Clinton has encouraged education reform initiatives designed to improve the quality of the public education our children receive, including teacher quality, increasing academic standards and accountability, and efforts to ensure that children are mastering the basics. She has been a supporter of public charter schools and a strong advocate for early childhood education to ensure children enter school ready to learn.


Below is more detailed information on specific education issues:

School Improvement

  • Remarks to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's 22nd Annual Gala (9/15/99)
  • The National Education Association's Friend of Education Award Presentation to the First Lady (7/5/99)
  • Remarks on receipt of the Albert Shanker Award for Distinguished Service (4/22/99)
  • Jill and Ken Iscol Lecture Series Address: "Reimaging Education: A Matter of Justice and Possibilities," Teachers College, Columbia University (4/19/99)
  • Education Speech to Chicago Public School Principals (6/3/98)
  • Column on Chicago Public Schools (5/27/98)
  • Column on Public Education (5/20/98)
  • Remarks at the Chicago Children's Museum (2/18/97)

    For more information on this topic, please visit the Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program at the US Department of Education.

  • Charter Schools

    For more information on this topic, please visit the US Charter Schools website developed with the Department of Education .

    Teacher Quality

    Commencement Addresses


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