First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton
Remarks at a Jewish Synagogue

Shanghai, China
July 1, 1998

The point that is really a fine example of the government here in Shanghai is how the government here would be willing to honor the religious tradition and history of the Jewish people in Shanghai that goes back many years to the middle of the last century. There were many Jewish residents in Shanghai that made great contributions to the growth of the city. So, for this to be restored, I think, is a very good example of respect for religious differences and an appreciation for the importance of faith in one's life. I am delighted that I could come and see this today.

Of course, the Rabbi is very modest. He deserves a lot of the credit for bringing this to the attention of the mayor and making it known how significant this synagogue has been and is; and the mayor deserves an enormous amount of credit for his willingness not only to approve of the renovation, but to pay for it out of municipal revenues, which I think is a very important sign.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

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