First Lady
Hillary Rodham Clinton


March 1997

"Democracy's success . . . will not depend solely on free elections, open markets, or government policies. It will depend ultimately on the internalization of democratic values in people's hearts, minds, and everyday lives."


Remarks to the Corporate Council on Africa, Chantilly, VA - April 21, 1997
Column on Africa and African Women - April 2, 1997
Remarks on Women and Democracy at the Nile Conference Center, Kampala, Uganda - March 28, 1997
Remarks at a Roundtable with Rwandan Women, Uganda - March 28, 1997
Column on South Africa - March 25, 1997
Statement by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda - March 24, 1997
Remarks on Women, Human Rights and Democracy at the University of Capetown - March 20, 1997
Column on Africa - March 18, 1997


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