Appendix A

Administrative History of the Task Force

The President's Council on Sustainable Development created the Population and Consumption Task Force (PCTF) at its July 1994 meeting in Chicago, approximately one year after the other Task Forces began their work. In addition to Council members and their liaisons (see Appendix B), a number of non-Council members joined the Task Force to expand the field of expertise upon which the Task Force could draw. These non-Council members are listed in Appendix C.

In order to gather relevant data quickly, the Task Force called on Judith Jacobsen of Boulder, Colorado, to conceptualize and organize three roundtable discussions, involving both expert presentations and public comment, on: (1) population issues; (2) consumption issues; and (3) policy recommendations in both areas. These roundtables were supported by a grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, given to the Walter Orr Roberts Institute of Boulder, Colorado, which provided all necessary administrative and logistical support.

The Task Force convened these roundtables in Washington, D.C., on October 27, 1994; in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on January 11, 1995; and in New York, New York on March 3, 1995. Speakers, their affiliations, and their topics are listed in Appendix D.

These roundtables and other extensive research and analysis formed the basis for the goals and policy recommendations developed by the Task Force. Full statements of the goals, policy recommendations and action items are included in Chapter 4.



John H. Adams, Executive Director, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Liaisons: Frances Beineke, NRDC Jackqueline Hamilton, NRDC

D. James Baker, Under-Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), U.S. Department of Commerce
Liaison: Roan Conrad, U.S. Department of Commerce

Richard Barth, CEO of CIBA-Geigy Corporation
Liaison: John Mincy, CIBA-Geigy Corporation

Ron H. Brown, Secretary of U.S. Department of Commerce
Liaison: John Bullard, U.S. Department of Commerce

Dianne Dillon-Ridgley, National Co-Chair, Citizen's Network for Sustainable Development
Liaison: Brian Dixon, Zero Population Growth

Fred D. Krupp, Executive Director, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
Liaisons: Marsha Aronoff, EDF Gita Misra, EDF

Michelle A. Perrault
Liaison: Michael McCloskey

Theodore Strong, Executive Director, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
Liaison: John Platt, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

Timothy E. Wirth, Under-Secretary for Global Affairs, U.S. State Department
Liaison: David Harwood, U.S. State Department

Appendix C


Margaret Pruitt Clark, Advocates for Youth

Clifford Cobb, Redefining Progress

David Crocker, University of Maryland

George Gerbner, University of Pennsylvania

David Gershon, Global Action Plan for the Earth

Neva Goodwin, Tufts University

Wade Greene, Rockefeller Financial Services

Jeanne Haws, AVSC International

Judith Jacobsen, University of Denver

Vicki Robin, New Road Map Foundation

Jeffrey Rogers, City Attorney, Portland, Oregon

James Martin-Schramm, Luther College

Felicia Stewart, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Betsy Taylor, Merck Family Fund



First Roundtable Jennifer Day, U.S. Census Bureau: recent projections of U.S. population growth

Jacqueline Forrest, Alan Guttmacher histitute: U.S. fertility trends, unintended pregnancy, and unwanted fertility in the United States

Susan Martin, U.S. Commission on h=igration Reform: history and current issues in legal and illegal immigration into the United States

Ellen Kraly, Colgate University: state of research on the envirom-nental impacts of immigration

Second Roundtable Robeit Repefto, World Resources Institute: patterns and scale of materials and energy use in the United States

Robert Wiffiams, Princeton University: technologies for energy efficiency

Candace Skarlatos, Bank of America: voluntary corporate environmental efforts at the Bank of America

David Gershon, Global Action Plan: household-based efforts to achieve sustainable consumption in the United States

Vicid Robin, New Road Map Foundation: individual actions for sustainability

Third Roundtable Judith Desarno, National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association: policies for reducing unintended pregnancies in the United States

Margaret Pruitt Clark, Advocates for Youth: policies for reducing adolescent pregnancies in the United States

Jule Hallerdin, Planned Parenthood Federation of America: women's reproductive health and unintended fertility

Michael Teitelbaum, U.S. Commission on Immigration Refortn: policies being considered by the Commission on Immigration Reform

Roger Dower, World Resources Institute: macro-scale economic policies for improving efficiency of production and use of materials and energy

Norman Dean, Green Seal: policies for encouraging eco-labeling

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