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Energy and Transportation

Task Force Report

The views expressed in this report are those of the Task Force members and were not the subject of endorsement by the full Council. Many of the federal officials who serve on the Council also serve on the Council's Task Forces and participated acatively in developing the Task Force's recommendations, but those recommendations do not necessarily reflect administration policy.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Chapter 1: Findings

Profile of Energy and Transportation Use

The Sustainable Energy and Transportation Scenarios project

Chapter 2: Task Force Goals & Indicators

Chapter 3: Policy Recommendations

Policy Recommendation 1: Incentives for Sustainable Electricity Generation

Policy Recommendation 2: National Energy Efficiency Offer

Policy Recommendation 3: Revenue Neutral Tax Shift to Help Achieve Sustainable Development

Policy Recommendation 4: Regulatory Flexibility

Policy Recommendation 5: Local Authority for Market-Based Regional Congestion Management

Policy Recommendation 6: Location-Efficient Mortgages

Policy Recommendation 7: Cash for Clunkers and Inspection & Maintenance

Policy Recommendation 8: Building on Current Successes

Appendix A: Scenario Narratives

Appendix B: Other Policy Options Considered

Appendix C: Endnotes

Appendix D: List of Figures

Appendix E: List of Tables