Consistent with the Council's goal to spend private sector funds in the private sector, private contributions to support the Eco-Efficiency Task Force were administered through a cooperating organization: The Keystone Center in Keystone, Colorado. The Keystone Center is a not-for-profit organization which, under a Memorandum of Understanding, has the authority to raise, receive, and spend funds on behalf of the Eco-Efficiency Task Force under the U.S. Department of the Interior's Take Pride in America authority.

In adition to the efforts of the Council members, Task Force participants and their staffs, the work of the Eco-Efficiency Task Force would not have been possible without the financial and in-kind support of corporations and philanthropic organizations who contributed directly to the Keystone Center, which reported the following contributors as of October 16, 1995:

Browning Ferris Industries
Chevron Coroporation
General Motors CorporationJohnson & Johnson
SC Johnson Wax
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

In addition, the Integration Co-Chairs, Marcia Aronoff, David Gardiner, and Susan Vogt deserve special recognition.

Special thanks are also in order for the co-chairs of the goals commitee: Jane Hutterly, Richard Morgenstern, and Warren Muir.

Finally, special thanks to the Eco-Efficiency Task Force Coordinator, Julie Frieder; writer Robert Schwalbach; key facilitator Kevin Curtis; and the many other individuals who contributed to the Task Force process and product:

Chuck Bogan, Sue Dies, Debbie Eakin, Dawn Ehrlenson, Frank Farfone, Sandy Grace, Holly Henning, David Levine, Holly Lynch, Jan McAlpine, Steve Ryan, Any Schmidt, Stewart Schwartz, Sarah Walen, Greg Wedemeyer, Jr., and Elfranko E. Wessels.

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