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FY2000 Appropriations



February 19, 1999
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AIDS Czar Thrilled
With Funding Increases for AIDS
Care, Prevention, and Research

WASHINGTON, DC - Commenting on the final budget bill just approved by Congress, Sandra Thurman, Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, stated: "I am thrilled with the strong funding increases achieved across the board in our efforts to address the AIDS epidemic both here and across the globe. AIDS remains a very real crisis for America, and it is heartening to see bipartisan recognition of our need to remain vigilant in our prevention, care and research efforts."

"I am particularly pleased with the $80 million increase in funding for our Minority AIDS Initiative, which was launched by the President last fall in partnership with the Congressional Black Caucus," she added. "This initiative has helped catalyze efforts in racial and ethnic minority communities across this nation to expand their AIDS awareness and care efforts. This epidemic remains a severe and ongoing crisis in communities of color, and the Minority AIDS Initiative is bringing us together in new and exciting ways to end that crisis."

Other highlights of the budget bill as it relates to HIV/AIDS include:

  • Funding for the Ryan White CARE Act, which helps cities and states care for those living with HIV and AIDS, is increased $184 million to $1,595 million (13% over last year and 338% since FY 1993)
  • HIV prevention funding to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are increased by $73 million to $730 million (11% over last year and 47% since FY 1993)
  • AIDS research funding to the National Institutes of Health will include an increase of $224 million for a total of $2.024 billion (this is a preliminary estimate, with final allocation to be determined by NIH)
  • Funding for substance abuse services targeting those at highest risk of HIV infection, through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) were increased by $29 million to $122 million (31% over last year and 122% since FY 1993)
  • The Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS (HOPWA) Program at the Department of Housing and Urban Development was increased (in a separate bill) by $7 million to $232 million (3% over last year and 132% since FY 1993)
  • Funding to enhance the Administration's efforts on global AIDS were increased by $100 million
  • The Administration helped protect local authority over HIV prevention activities, successfully removing language from the DC appropriations bill that would have tied the hands of community health agencies in their ability to use needle exchange programs as part of their overall HIV prevention strategy
  • Special provisions were included to protect AIDS nursing care facilities that were endangered by previously enacted changes in Medicare reimbursements.

See attached chart for specific information on AIDS program increases.





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