Goal To reduce the perinatal transmission of HIV.
  1. Enhance provider capacity to provide appropriate services for women at the community level.
  2. Improve provider capacity for outreach, counseling, testing and care for women of childbearing age for early identification and linkage to care for pregnant women.
  3. Enhance providers' abilities to provide AZT for HIV positive pregnant women.
  4. Ensure funding and dissemination of innovative models of care that evaluate all of the major care and service goals listed in this plan: effectively educated providers, increased access to and quality of care, reduction of perinatal transmission of HIV.
Action Steps
  1. Establish the Women's Initiative for HIV Care for Women and Reduction of Perinatal Transmission (WIN).
  2. Establish ongoing WIN Steering Committee.
  3. Provide technical assistance to grantees.
  4. Conduct centralized training for all WIN sites with follow-up local training.
  5. Collaborate with Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) to develop local guidelines.
  6. Establish MCHB working group to coordinate HIV risk reduction related efforts across programs.
  7. Distribute counseling and testing guidance, AHCPR consumer brochure and video, and other PHS documents to MCHB community.
  8. Review currently funded SPNS projects to identify gaps in project coverage for future Requests for Applications (RFAs).
  9. Evaluate sites.

Enhance outreach for HIV counseling and testing. Improve service linkages for women of childbearing age in an ongoing care system and to reduce perinatal HIV transmission. PHS 076 Implementation Plan.

$ 1.5 million
$ 1.8 million
$ 1.9 million

CARE Act grantees. Adolescent and adult women and their infants, with special attention for pregnant women in addition to maternal and child health (MCH) and HIV providers.


Health care providers, evaluation researchers, communication experts, and patient advocates. There is also consumer participation in WIN steering committee and projects advisory boards in addition to linkages with other HRSA grantees including those from Ryan White CARE Act and Special Projects of National Significane programs.



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