The Staff of the Office of Management and Budget

The OMB staff are staff to the President. OMB staff are highly-motivated and well-trained individuals. Over ninety percent of the staff hold career, rather than political, appointments. Over seventy percent of the staff are professionals, most with graduate degrees in economics, business and accounting, public administration and policy, law, engineering, and other disciplines. The OMB career staff provide objective analyses on a full range of policy options to be considered by decision-makers.

OMB's staff interact daily with high-level officials throughout Government. OMB's work requires the following: sharp analytical and quantitative skills; the ability to effectively present ideas and analyses both orally and in writing; and the ability to interact constructively with others, often under high pressure and tight deadlines.

The environment in which OMB operates is fast-paced. Issues are diverse, cross-cutting, complex, politically sensitive, and frequently involve billions of dollars in resources.

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