H. CON. RES. 141


A Congressional Resolution

Celebrate One America

Whereas the United States is a nation of immigrants whose 270 million inhabitants hail from every corner of the globe;

Whereas from Ellis Island to the Pacific Coast, the United States has welcomed immigrants seeking freedom and opportunity;

Whereas the United States democratic system of government mandates equal protection under the law and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all its citizens;

Whereas the United States endured a civil war for emancipation, and in doing so, formed a permanent union and a society of equals;

Whereas the United States has outlawed racial, ethnic and religious bigotry to create the world's greatest multicultural society;

Whereas the United States respects the individual and welcomes each one's participation in our democratic society;

Whereas the United States is the pre-eminent land of opportunity which rewards hard work, ingenuity, and perseverance;

Whereas the ethnic diversity of the United States has provided an abundance of energy, creativity, and prosperity;

Whereas people in the United States recognize and reward the contributions of members from every group;

Whereas people in the United States are working to close opportunity gaps so that all may share in the great prosperity of our nation;

Whereas people in the United States of all backgrounds have sacrificed their lives in war to defend the cause of freedom for people around the world; and

Whereas people in the United States of African, Asian, European, Latin American, and Native American backgrounds cherish and celebrate their various national, ethnic and religious heritage. Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that all people in the United States should reach out across our differences in ethnicity, race and religion to respect each other and to celebrate, in friendship and unity, one America.

Cosponsors (43)

Rep. Pallone; Rep. McDermott; Rep. Miller; Rep. Watts; Rep. Morella; Rep. Crowley; Rep. Frost; Rep. Mink; Rep. Hilliard; Rep. Conyers; Rep. Gilman; Rep. Cardin; Rep. Hall; Rep. Hinojosa; Rep. Becerra; Rep. Schakowsky; Rep. Barret; Rep. Pascrell; Rep. Brady; Rep. Brown; Rep. Hutchinson; Rep. Waxman; Rep. LaFalce; Rep. Romero-Barcelo; Rep. McNulty; Rep. Doyle; Rep. Cummings; Rep. Kilpatrick; Rep. Rahall; Rep. Payne; Rep. Hinchey; Rep. Gonzalez; Rep. Wu; Rep. Wexler; Rep. Lampson; Rep. Johnson; Rep. Owens; Rep. Meek; Rep. Gejdenson; Rep. DeLauro; Rep. Christensen; Rep. Deutsch; Rep. Berkley.

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