The President has asked Americans to join in open and honest discussions about race. People from all across America have responded to the President's call and are talking about race more than ever. While these discussions may not be easy, they are necessary if we are to better understand each other, live together, and build united communities.

The attached One America Dialogue Guide will help you conduct a discussion on race. Whether you are a school teacher, police officer, student, businessperson, elected official, community leader, PTA member, or a concerned citizen, this guide is designed for you.

This manual was developed through a collaborative process led by the President's Initiative on Race and the Community Relations Service, U.S. Department of Justice, which consulted with national organizations that specialize in race dialogues. The result is a manual which represents a consolidation of thinking and practice from around the country on community dialogues on race.

We cannot underestimate the power of dialogues. When people can explore perspectives and ideas, they discover how much they share in common and learn to appreciate their differences. Dialogue is an opportunity for growth and change. Dialogue can help open our minds. Dialogue can help each of us listen better. And dialogue can bring us closer together

Thank you for your interest in conducting a community dialogue. We hope you find our guide useful and instructive.


Judith A. Winston, Executive Director
President's Initiative on Race
Rose M. Ochi, Director
Community Relations Service
U.S. Department of Justice

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