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Program: Dialogue: Racism, Houston, Texas
Contact(s): Nancy Linden or Cherry Steinwender, Co-Executive Directors: (713) 520-3037
Purpose: To create a safe environment for healing racism

Background Program Operations Outcomes


In 1989, the Center for the Healing of Racism was created to educate people about the roots of racism and how to combat ignorance. One of the most prominent programs that the center has is Dialogue: Racism, which started when a diverse group of individuals met to discuss the role that racism played in their lives. As the group grew larger and more diverse, members began to discuss the skills needed to fight racism and strategies for reaching out to the wider community.

Program Operations

Dialogue: Racism is a nine-week program that is held three times a year. The program curriculum covers how to define prejudice and racism, and the perpetuation of overt racism, subtle racism and stereotypes. The program also offers a four-week film series each summer in different locations throughout the city of Houston, and it provides educational speakers free of charge to the Houston community. Program directors also serve as consultants for business, government agencies and religious institutions across the nation.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

To increase its outreach, the center has developed a curriculum for Dialogue: Racism which can be conducted in high school classes. It has also established a library and a video collection as resources for students. Over 11,000 people in more than 15 states have participated in the Dialogue: Racism program.

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