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Program: Anytown
Contact(s): Programs Department, The National Conference: (212) 206-0006
Purpose: To promote understanding and respect among teens of all races, religions and cultures

Anytown is an award-winning summer program created by The National Conference, a human relations organization dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and racism. Anytown work with youth and emerging leaders to focus on reducing prejudice and increasing understanding among people of different races and ethnicities. (The National Conference has also been highlighted by the President's Initiative on Race as a Promising Practice National Resource.) Depending on the city or town in which they occur, these programs may be known by names other than Anytown, including Brotherhood/Sisterhood Camp, MetroTown, Unitown, Building Bridges and Knowledge and Social Responsibility. High school students who are interested in attending the Anytown summer program must submit applications expressing their desire to learn about other cultures, promote peace and commit to positively affect the world. Selected students participate in a week-long camp session where they share ideas and perspectives on race, culture and diversity. Since the early 1950s, over 40,000 students across the nation have participated in an Anytown program. The National Conference conducted a total of 94 residential youth programs including Anytown in the summer of 1997, spanning 46 cities and other communities. The program also has a strong network whereby many program alumni return as college-age counselors, adult advisors and directors to help a new generation develop a clear vision of the world.

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