One America Community Efforts
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Program: Center for Living Democracy
Contact(s): (802) 254-1234
Purpose: To promote citizen engagement in democratic problem solving in every arena of public life

Based on a year-long survey of interracial dialogue groups in over 30 states, the Center for Living Democracy published "Bridging the Racial Divide: A Report on Interracial Dialogue in America." It offers practical lessons and success stories of citizens engaged in dialogues that lead to cross-cultural collaboration in solving community problems. The report is being followed by a companion volume, "Interracial Dialogue Groups Across America: A Directory." For more information, contact: The Center for Living Democracy, 289 Fox Farm Road, Brattleboro, VT 05301; (802) 254-1234, fax: (802) 254-1227; e-mail:

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