The Administration's Approach

President Clinton is committed to responsible, balanced action to confront the threat of climate change. The Administration rejects both extremes of the climate change debate: those who support drastic actions that would severely disrupt our economy and those who dismiss the scientific evidence and would do nothing.

The Clinton Administration will push for a balanced, strong, and effective, international climate change agreement that includes binding emissions targets, flexible implementation mechanisms, and the meaningful, equitable participation of all nations.

President Clinton will only take actions that preserve our vigorous economic growth. The Administration believes -- and has demonstrated -- that environmental protection and economic growth can and should go hand in hand. More than 2,000 economists, including eight Nobel Laureates, have concluded that there are policy options that would slow climate change without harming American living standards, and these measures may in fact improve U.S. productivity in the longer run.

The Clinton Administration will emphasize solutions based on flexible, market-based policies.

The Clinton Administration will invest in research and development to promote technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and lessen our dependence on foreign oil. We will work to help American industry increase its role as the world leader in developing environmental technologies.

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