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General Information:
  • Environmental Protection Agency Global Warming Page
  • Global Change Data and Information Systems
  • Framework Convention on Climate Change:

  • Department of State, Bureau of Oceans, Environment and Science
  • Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat
  • Information Unit of the FCCC (IUC)
  • Information from the Meetings of the Main and Subsidiary Bodies (Linkages)
  • Science:

  • Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
  • Global Change Master Directory (GCMD)
  • Intergovernmental Panel and Climate Change
  • International Energy Agency (IEA) Greenhouse Gas Research and Development Programme
  • National Climatic Data Center (weather data)
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):
  • U.S. Global Change Research Program
  • Main page of Regional Climate Change Workshops
  • Regional Climate Change Workshops
  • White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • World Meterological Organization


  • Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
  • Center for the Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies (CADDET)
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory


  • Department of Energy, Energy Patrnerships for a Strong Economy
  • Department of Energy, Photovoltaics Program
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation
  • Joint Implementation
  • U.S. Country Studies Program

    Public Health:

  • Harvard
  • Johns Hopkins, Center for a Liveable Future


  • Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration

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