October 22, 1997

Aggressive energy management can substantially reduce carbon emissions from the activities of the Federal government, which has the nation’s largest energy bill at almost $8 billion per year. Significant strides have already been made --energy consumption per square foot in Federal buildings is down 15 percent and energy use in civilian and military vehicles is down about 27 percent from 1985 levels. However, we can do much more.

The initiatives below will reduce Federal emissions of greenhouse gases through enhanced focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy. They address areas which can deliver the greatest energy savings, best leverage private sector funding and improve the Federal procurement system.

1. Expand Energy Savings Performance Contracting

2. Improve Federal Procurement of Energy Efficient Technology

3. Building for the 21st Century

4. Improve Aircraft, Ship, and Heavy Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

5. Greenhouse Gas Assessments

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