1. President Clinton's Climate Change Proposal
  2. Initial Climate Change Actions

Background Information

  1. President Clinton's Five Climate Change Principles
  2. President's Three-Stage Plan on Climate Change
  3. Comprehensive Framework for Effective, Sensible Action
  4. Fact Sheet on International Emissions Trading
  5. Fact Sheet on Joint Implementation
  6. Fact Sheet on Electricity Restructuring
  7. Fact Sheet on Federal Energy Management
  8. Fact Sheet on U.S. Global Change Research Program
  9. Fact Sheet on PNGV
  10. Fact Sheet on Fuel Cells
  11. Fact Sheet on PATH
  12. Fact Sheet on Potential Industry Sector Savings
  13. Fact Sheet on Potential Building Sector Savings
  14. Fact Sheet on Potential Transportation Sector Savings

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