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Philanthropic Hero Biography

Chicago, Illinois

Using financial resources garnered from talents in law, banking, education and finance, Harrison Steans, his wife, Lois, and their three daughters, co-founded the Steans Family Foundation in Chicago 14 years ago. Committed to the belief that long-term personal involvement with individuals can change lives and communities, the Steans Family Foundation's mission is to improve community development in Chicago. Specifically they are working to positively develop the North Lawndale community, identified because of significant poverty and lack of community assets.

The Steans have made a ten year commitment to North Lawndale directing 95 percent of their Foundation's $1.5 million annual grants budget directly into working with residents. This Lawndale Partnership focuses on six broad sectors: capacity building/leadership, economic development, education and youth development, housing, health and human services, and quality of life.

In addition to his work on the family foundation, Mr. Steans is involved with numerous Chicago based non-profits as both trustee and director.

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