As the American people prepare for the challenges of the 21st century, we face a critical choice: We can meet the challenges of the future, write the trade rules and continues America's remarkable economic growth -- or we can turn our back on the world and fail to compete for new markets, new contracts, new business and new jobs. All over America, jobs have been created in small, medium and large companies that would not be here today if we did not have the ability to negotiate tough, fair trade agreements. Fast track authority is critical to America's ability to maintain its economic leadership in the 21st century.

If Congress fails to give the President fast track authority -- the same power every president has had for 20 years -- America will not get her fair share of jobs. Without the authority, America will be left sitting on the sidelines as trade agreements are negotiated without our participation. This will cost America high-paying jobs, while blocking American workers from competing against the world on a level playing field.

Costs of Inaction: Why America will not get a fair share of jobs without Fast Track

Fast Track: Why giving America the ability to open foreign markets is important to American workers and families

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