December 11, 1997 Press Briefing by Sperling, Steinberg, and Fuerth on Kyoto
December 11, 1997 Remarks by the Vice President on Kyoto Agreement
December 10, 1997 Historic Climate Change Agreement Reached in Kyoto
December 4, 1997 Press Briefing on the Vice President's Trip to Kyoto
October 22, 1997 Remarks by the President on Global Climate Change
September 2, 1997 Vice President Gore Addresses the Glacier National Park Community on the Effects of Climate Change
August 4, 1997 Remarks by the President to CEO Global Climate Change Meeting
July 24, 1997 Opening Remarks by the President and Vice President at the Discussion on Climate Change

June 26, 1997 Address to the United Nations Special Session on Environment and Development

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