Message from the Executive Director

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in the President's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD). Since President Clinton announced the formation of the Council in June 1993, individuals, organizations and businesses all across the country have shown an enormous interest in and support for our work and have sought to follow our progress.

In little more than a year's time we have grown from an initial appointment of 25 members to a network of over 400 individuals representing hundreds of private and public organizations participating in our activities. We also seek broad public input through quarterly meetings of the Council to which the public is invited and by requesting public comment on some of our work. Your name has been added to our mailing list to receive notices of meetings and distribution of documents for public comment.

Enclosed is a packet of information which provides an overview of the Council's mission, organization, and task force activities. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have regarding the issues the Council is exploring. We would be pleased to forward any ideas or information you would like to share to the appropriate task force.

If you would like more information about the Council or its task forces, please contact our office at (202) 408-5296 or via our electronic mail address:

Thank you again for your interest,

Molly Harriss Olson
Executive Director

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