"Our role is to expand the choices available to communities -- not to dictate solutions. By providing new tools and resources, we can help communities create the future they want."
--Vice President Gore, Dec. 6, 1999

The Administration’s Livable Communities Initiative, launched last year by Vice President Gore, is designed to help communities across America grow in ways that ensure both a high quality of life and strong, sustainable economic growth. This initiative will strengthen the federal government's role as a partner with the growing number of state and local efforts to build "livable communities" for the 21st century.

Key elements of the $9.3 billion Livable Communities Initiative, included in President Clinton’s proposed FY 2001 budget, include: $9.1 billion for transportation systems, $25 million for regional smart growth efforts, and $125 million to fund crime solving technologies to improve community safety. The initiative also includes a tax credit proposal calling for $10.75 billion in bonding authority over five years for Better America Bonds. The proposed FY 2001 funding for the Livable Communities initiative represents a 14 percent increase over last year.

Livability Goals
The Clinton-Gore Livable Communities Initiative aims to help citizens and communities:

FY 2001 Livability Initiatives
The President’s FY 2001 budget request to Congress includes significant new investments to support major livability programs:

As part of last year’s livability budget, the Administration requested an additional $1.3 billion in appropriations. Of this, Congress enacted more than $600 million, primarily for transportation.

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