Protecting the Environment
President Clinton and Vice President Gore

I want an America in the year 2000 where no child should have to live near a toxic waste dump, where no parent should have to worry about the safety of a child's glass of water, and no neighborhood should be put in harm's way by pollution from a nearby factory.

-- President Clinton, 8/28/96

During the last generation, we made great progress in protecting the environment. We now have cleaner, safer air and water. We have cut lead levels in our children's blood by 70%, and toxic emissions from factories by half. But a third of us still breathe air that endangers our health, and in too many communities, the water is not safe to drink. President Clinton and Vice President Gore are committed to common sense reforms to environmental programs and are determined to block attempts to roll back safeguards for our families' food, water and air.


Ensuring Public Health

Protecting Our Natural Resources

Common Sense Environmental Reforms

Protecting the Global Environment

December 16, 1997

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