July 26, 1997

President Clinton and Vice President Gore participate
in water quality studies on Lake Tahoe.

On Saturday, July 26, 1997, President Clinton and Vice President Gore traveled to Incline Village, Nevada to host the Lake Tahoe Presidential Forum.

Before the Forum, the President and Vice President participated in water clarity testing aboard a University of California, Davis, research vessel. The 37 foot vessel is equipped with research equipment for water clarity measurements, plankton sampling, bottom sediment testing and water quality sampling. The vessel can carry a remotely operated underwater vehicle with video camera, lights, compass and a sampling claw. The vessel, acquired through a National Science Foundation grant, is captained by Mr. Robert C. Richards, a veteran of the United States Navy.

Afterwards, President Clinton signed an executive order strengthening the federal government's ties with the Nevada and California, the Washoe Tribe, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and local governments, and proceeded with Vice President Gore to the Presidential Forum.

Lake Tahoe is one of America's greatest places a vast lake more than 1,600 feet deep, surrounded by spectacular mountains and blessed with some of the clearest water on Earth. Lake Tahoe is also one of America's best-loved places. That popularity creates special challenges to the basin's environment and to the community's livelihood, which is forever linked with preservation of the Lake. The people who live around Lake Tahoe have responded to these challenges with innovative solutions based on partnership and collaboration, and their work provides an example for communities across the country.

Opening Remarks by the President and the Vice President
Press Briefing by Katie McGinty and Joe Lockhart
Actions to Protect Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe Facts and Figures
Summary of Three Issue Workshops

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