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CEQ Staff Directory

George T. Frampton, Jr., Acting Chair
Wesley Warren, Chief of Staff
Dinah Bear, General Counsel
Ellen Athas, Deputy General Counsel
Brad Campbell, Associate Director for Toxics and Environmental Protection
Ray Clark, Associate Director for NEPA Oversight
Elliot Diringer, Associate Director for Communictations
Sally Ericsson, Associate Director for Natural Resources
Judy Jablow, Associate Director for Congressional Relations
Robert Kapla, Special Assistant for Policy and Administration
Linda Lance, Associate Director for Transportation, Energy, and Lands Management
Keith Laughlin, Associate Director for Sustainable Development
Nancy Marlow, Special Assistant to the Chair
Carolyn Mosley, Administrative Officer
David Sandalow, Associate Director for Global Environment
Michael Terrell, Special Assistant for Outreach and Planning
Beth Viola, Associate Director of Public Liaison

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