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Earth Day 1999

Vice President Gore Announces New Efforts to Ensure Safe, Clean Water for All Americans

President Clinton Expands Federal Effort to Combat Invasive Species

President Clinton's Lands Legacy Initiative:
Forging a Conservation Vision for the 21st Century

Vice President Gore Launches Comprehensive Livable Communities Agenda

Statement by Vice President Gore on The United States' Signing of The Kyoto Protocol

Statement by the Press Secretary

Statement by President Clinton on Kathleen McGinty

Statement by Vice President Gore on Kathleen McGinty

Remarks of the President to the Annual Dinner of the
League of Conservation Voters

Vice President Gore Calls For Healthier, More Livable Communities

President Clinton Announces New Measure To Ensure Clean, Safe Drinking Water for America's Families

Vice President Gore Announces 14 American Heritage River Designations

Vice President Gore Announces New Climate Change Data

CEQ Environmental Justice Guidance PDF (81.8kb)

Vice President Gore Calls on Congress to Fund Environmental Priorities,
Drop Anti-Environmental Riders

National Oceans Conference
National Oceans Conference

Vice President Gore Urges Congress to Approve Funds for Superfund Cleanup

President Clinton Announces New Partnership to Help
Homeowners Cut Energy Costs and Fight Global Warming

Earth Day 1998

President Clinton Launches Clean Water Initiative 

Radio Address of the President: Meeting the Challenge of Global Warming 

Vice President Gore announces $2,000 Solar Tax Credit 

1998 State of the Union Address: Environment Highlights 

Vice President Gore announces New Energy Star Partnerships 

Historic Climate Change Agreement Reached in Kyoto 

Remarks by Vice President Gore at Kyoto Climate Change Conference 

Vice President Gore announces Historic Acquisition of Everglades Land 

President Clinton Dedicates New Wildlife Area in California 

Vice President Gore announces New Federal, State Effort to Protect Chesapeake Bay Watersheds 

Vice President Gore Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Clean Water Act, announces new Effort to Protect America's Waters 


American Heritage Rivers 
President Clinton announces American Heritage Rivers Initiative 

Vice President Gore addresses the Glacier National Parkcommunity on the effects of climate change 

Lake Tahoe Presidential Forum 

President Clinton with Top Scientists
President Clinton Meets With Top Scientists to Discuss Climate Change 

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