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We are establishing a one-stop-shop for information on federal environmental technology programs. Through the Interagency Environmental Technology Office, experts can share information with individuals and organizations within and outside the government.

Vice President Al Gore
White House Conference on Environmental Technologies
December, 1994


The environmental sector is dominated by small and medium sized businesses which often have problems finding and accessing federal programs and assistance. During the development of the National Environmental Technology Strategy, businesses recommended that the federal government set up a "one-stop-shop" for environmental technologies. IETO was established in December 1994 and moved to its existing office, which it shares with the President's Council on Sustainable Development, in early 1996.


The Interagency Environmental Technologies Office fills the following functions:

1) Actively promotes all programs of the federal government (EPA, DOE, DOC, SBA, DOD, etc).which can help our environmental industry develop and deploy its technologies, both here and abroad.

2) Acts as a one-stop-shop for individual businesses, trade associations, academic and research institutions, environmental business councils, and other organizations seeking advice and/or access to federal programs. Builds linkages between businesses and organizations with similar interests and goals.

3) Coordinates intergovernmental or international events which benefit U.S. environmental technology companies (for instance, bringing together U.S. and foreign firms seeking to build R&D partnerships and joint ventures).

Dr. Tom Houlihan, Director, IETO
730 Jackson Place, NW
Washington, DC 20502
Phone: 202-408-5399
Fax: 202-408-7590
E-mail: tomo-houlihan@erols.com

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