The World Wide Web makes learning fun and easy. It "links" different types of related information so you can choose the information you want. Even better, it provides information in many different forms, sometimes as pictures, sound, even video.

Here is what you can find in the different sections of this site to help you follow President Clinton's trip to Africa:

This is where you are now. This section helps young Americans follow the President's trip through Africa, by providing information, games and activities about the countries, cultures and people that the President will see on his trip.
Visit this page regularly to see what the President is doing on the trip. The map will show you where the President is, and the links will take you to photos and speeches from the President's events. (Don't forget to use this page to check the temperature and figure out what time it is on the trip.)
Use this page to see where the President will be each day of the trip. Can you draw a plan that shows the path the President's trip is taking through Africa?
New photos from the trip will be posted here every day. The President's photographers are using special "digital" cameras that use disks instead of film to capture images.
Every speech the President gives in Africa will be posted here. Read the speeches and learn about the important issues President Clinton is working on with African nations. What would you say if you were in Africa and had to give a speech?
Almost every day the White House holds "briefings" to tell reporters about what the President's doing and to answer reporters' questions. Read the briefings that are given on the trip to learn more about what is happening on the trip each day. Research an issue related to the trip and hold your own "Briefing" in class.
Want to know more about the Geography, People, History, or Governments of the countries the President is visiting? If so, this is the page you want. How are these countries similar? How are they different?
Read the "fact sheets" on this page to learn more about some of the different issues the President is dealing with while in Africa. What issue is most interesting to you? Why?
The United States is involved in many partnership programs in Africa. Read about some of these partnerships and learn how America and Africa are working together.
The World Wide Web offers an almost endless amount of information on Africa. Here are links to just a few of the many government sites that have information about America's work with Africa. Have fun as you leave this site and explore other sites!

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