Activities For Grades 3 - 5

Africa -- What Do You Know?



To learn more about African geography and culture and to dispel some of the myths concerning African nations.



"What Do You Know?" worksheet for each student

"Something to Think About" worksheet for each student


Suggested Activities:

Have students complete "Africa - What Do You Know?" Survey the class to determine how many true/false responses there were. Distribute "Africa...Answers" so students can correct their responses. Ask if (and why) they were surprised by the answers.

Have students individually complete "Something to Think About", then compare their responses in small groups. Ask each group to discuss the relationship between their true/false responses, and their responses to "Something to Think About."

Have students predict responses to the true or false quiz for their parent's or grandparent's generation. Survey parents or grandparents. Compare actual responses to student predictions. Discuss possible reasons for differences.

Have teams of students develop a plan for surveying magazine articles, television shows, movies, and/or videotapes for content messages about Africa. Share results of the investigation with another class.

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